PPE – personal protective equipment

Shocking new report by the TUC

By law, firms must provide staff with personal protective equipment (PPE) such as protective clothing, helmets and goggles, free of charge. However, 11.6 per cent of workers in the survey said their employers were failing outright to do this, while another 8.9 per cent said they were charged if the equipment was damaged and needed replacing. This is despite the fact that the law requires the employer to take responsibility for ensuring equipment is cleaned and maintained.

The most common forms of protection used by those who responded to the survey were footwear (84 per cent), gloves (72 per cent) and overalls or aprons (50 per cent). Two-thirds (60 per cent) of workers said that they had to clean their equipment themselves or pay for it to be cleaned.

Employers must take action to support and protect their staff. It shouldn’t be up to good employers to set a good example. Every employer MUST fulfil their obligations.

Social Media

Seventy-two percent of companies use social media in some way–usually
to gather insights, to market goods and services, and to serve
customers. Yet the McKinsey Global Institute finds that twice as much
potential value lies in using social tools to enhance communications, to
share knowledge, and to foster collaboration within and across
enterprises, which together can boost the productivity of knowledge
workers by 20 to 25 percent.
….food for thought!

CIPD survey

Latest quarterly report from the CIPD (Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development) states that only 36% of employees trust their senior leaders and more than half (58%) of workers display signs of being ‘not bothered’.

Such facts (though moreĀ attributable to the monoliths of the corporate world) are worrying. Are workers so disenchanted by their bosses and the company they work for? Sadly I believe it is true and is something that we, as business leaders, need to investigate. A positive and trusting workforce is vital to the health and success of our businesses. We’re all pulled hither and thither in the modern economic marketplace due to lower margins, supposed efficiencies through technology, enhanced competition via the web (often just affecting price not service).

Another set of eyes and a considered approach to business process and personnel management can assist in the elimination of the above statistics.

The start of things!

Well. Rather than having just a bland screen telling you what i can do for you, I believe it’s time to share.

There are many things we can cooperate on but the most important element is to ensure that every post is constructive to the success of all individuals and organisations.

Give a little….gain a lot!

Let’s dance.