The Global Economy & importance of languages

I’m sure that everyone’s eyes are wide open to the reality of the global economy. Any individual or business should be fully cognisant of the skills and knowledge they need about the different cultures and markets that are now a part of the global economic infrastructure.

To truly embrace this new economic map, we need to level the playing field though. My business is all about creating efficiencies within companies and providing the correct level of expertise in the right roles. As a proud Brit, I am disheartened with the island mentality that still pervades a large percentage of individuals. I am delighted by the multicultural make-up of Great Britain and our island is all the better for it. I love the myriad of cultures which are apparent in our food and sewn into every layer of society. I do however dismay at our language capabilities. We are dependant on people speaking English and therefore miss the opportunity that multi-linguists have in gaining true understanding of cultural nuance.

The economy requires cross boundary respect and Europe and North America are now dependant and integral parts of the Middle-Eastern, Chinese, Indian, African, Russian, South American and Asia-Pacific economic infastructure. Yes it is vital there is a common business language everyone can utilise (and this has been long established as English) but the english speakers should be able to communicate in other tongues.

It comes down to education, education, education!

It is never too late to gain understanding and ability in languages and I believe children and adults should be encouraged to develop linguistic skills. Children should have three to four languages in their portfolio and adults should be given assistance by employers to gain at least basic language skills, particularly where their companies have export sales.

We’ll talk more about the international marketplace and how technologies and business ethics need to become synergous in forthcoming blogs but the importance of language skills is a basic foundation upon which the global economic infrastructure is to be developed.

Though I’ve talked from a business economic perspective in this blog, I would ask readers simply to think about how they can improve their lives by gaining such basic language skills. When you go on holiday, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you spoke to the shopkeeper or restaurateur in their own language – from experience I can tell you that the experience is far more rewarding and enjoyable let alone less intimidating for all parties.

As all my blogs are meant – this is really to just raise discussion. Talk over dinner with your family (better than silence!) and explore the beauty of language – it’s fun too!

Have fun while you learn – Viel Spaß beim lernen – Amusez-vous tout en apprenant – Diviértete mientras aprendes – Buon divertimento mentre si impara – 玩得開心,而你學習 – मज़े जब तुम सीख – Весело провести время, вы узнаете, – Bavte se zároveň se naučíte

Sorry I couldn’t translate to every language – have fun though! Catch you soon….


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  1. Hello. magnificent post. I’ve always been interested in the influence of languages but this approaches the subject from a different direction and with a structure. Thanks!

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