When we take on a new assignment, we prefer to look on every one with fresh eyes. Having said that however, our contact database is extensive and is a who’s who of the best practitioners in every corner of the globe. Even if we don’t know directly the right person for the job, we certainly know someone who does.

Why engage us?:

  1. Because of our detailed knowledge of the companies and individuals that compete and work with compressors, turbines, vacuum (most of the rotating equipment industry in truth)
  2. Because we fully understand the nuances of the various intrinsic markets prevalent within the compressor industry and the markets served and how they have changed over the years – structurally, geographically, economically, technologically and sociologically.
  3. Because of our work ethic - Richard knows 101 ways to find the best candidate. The best candidates usually always need to be found!

There are many different types of candidate that you as employer may be looking for (we take great care in understanding this), but there are four generic groups that potential candidates fall into.

You can deduce for yourself why it’s prudent to employ a good recruiter….

  • there are open market jobseekers (all recruiters know this lot – as should all employers! – we recommend you use your own search tools rather than pay agency fees). Pro’s are reduced cost to employer, con’s are the hit an miss nature and potential disasters a few months down the line.
  • active/passive (always looking for a move – well known to a lot of good recruiters – the quality of candidates needs careful analysis). Pro’s can include speedy recruitment processes and probably lower costs of recruitment. Con’s are that you as employer may have to play the politics of many recruiters throwing many CV’s and many times the same CV’s at you – unless of course you engage Double Positive to do all this leg work for you.
  • passive (happy where they are, not looking but are always interested in career opportunities – very few recruiters know of them and they can be excellent acquisitions!). Lot’s of Pro’s through calibre and capability, negligable Con’s. Double Positive know and talk to these candidates all the time.
  • and finally double passive (happy with their career path, only interested in a true opportunity to further develop their career, the best at their jobs, respected by their bosses and take some coaxing – but when you employ such a candidate, you’ve got a pearl!). All Pro’s, no Con’s – bar the lengthened recruitment process. Double Positive will incorporate such strategic consideration for you during our hunt – every possible candidate will be investigated!

When you engage Double Positive & Richard J. Caunt you put into action all of the above. No stone is left unturned. You will know on conclusion of the assignment that the candidate details presented by Richard represent the very best solution to your assignment.

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