• You’ve worked with compressors/turbines/vacuum (or closely associated products) for some time.
  • You’re good (excellent) at what you do.
  • You’re respected by work colleagues and customers.

….but your career is stalled or isn’t moving as you would rationally expect! Maybe there’s a gatekeeper above you or the company structure doesn’t offer lateral or vertical movement….

Quite simply, call or email us to discuss (confidentiality assured).

We will endeavour to help you no matter what circumstance you find yourself in right now (e.g. made redundant through no fault of your own / company collapse or corporate take-over). Ideally however, our desire is to work with you exclusively and confidentially. Through such an understanding we can put together a structured and strategic plan (over a given timeframe) to facilitate your correct career move. Your curriculum vitae / career path to date must show good and justifiable structure and your experience and detailed statistics must stack up.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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