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me-in-switzerland-2Richard J. Caunt  (LinkedIn profile)

Richard was initially employed and trained in search & selection by a highly regarded firm in Manchester before forming ComPosition in 1998. Coming from an engineering background and schooled in European Business, Richard initially specialised as a recruiter to the fluid & air sectors. He quickly became aware of a particular void within the process gas and industrial air compressor industry whilst also wanting to offer a more considered service to clients. It was then that ComPosition was launched.

Richard’s strength as a Headhunter has always been to recognise and draw industry talent from a passive market without compromising either candidate or client. Confidentiality and integrity are in his blood.

In addition, due to Richard’s close working relationships with clients and his ability to rapidly evaluate correct business processes he has honed and fine-tuned his business development and analytical skills. In recognition of these skills, he has been requested and utilised by a select list of companies and individuals to aid their business processes (incl sales & acquisition / system integration / market analysis) and to create and develop independent ventures throughout the noughties.

Psychometrically, Richard is a particularly goal-oriented and competitive individual with tremendous drive and energy. He is determined to succeed for you his client and will overcome obstacles on your behalf. Richard’s resolve is unwavering and he is determined to conclude any project he takes on – it is this desire to conclude an assignment and not to be defeated and walk away that makes him a unique recruiter. Trust and a desire to know all the parameters vital to an assignment are central to Richards’s work ethic and come what may, you will get a positive result for your assignment.

Just being positive doesn’t really cut it. A ‘Mission Impossible’ doesn’t scare Richard. Unfortunately Ethan Hunt isn’t available due to his Hollywood schedule but you’ll be pleased to hear that Richard is! Call him. But rather than calling him positive, for prudence sake, let’s call him Double Positive!

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