Succession Planning & Management

Richard is a highly experienced headhunter and search & selection recruiter. He prefers to work exclusively and closely with select clients to maximise returns. His belief is that recruitment should never be just about problem solving as succession and replacement planning should be an integral part of a company’s processes.

Replacement and Growth Recruitment Planning and Management
All companies will experience even prized members of staff suddenly departing (for a variety of reasons) but such circumstances can and should be planned for. By being wide eyed and true to the real parameters of the business, every recruitment requirement should have contingency plans in place before the requirement appears. Persistently updating research and knowledge of your current staff and those of your competitors can ensure that your eyes are fixed on desired candidates. A robust understanding between line management, HR and outside search consultants will facilitate efficient and effective replacement and growth management.

Succession Planning and Management
Succession planning shouldn’t be just for large corporate’s. Every business will see their staffs careers develop either vertically or laterally as well as see them retire. Prior preparation and planning should be in place for EVERY employee of ANY age. Your business performs because its employees are doing their jobs. The simple question of what happens if you move someone from or to another role has an immediate impact. Often the knowledge of the role can be compromised. Detailed planning will prevent such problems. This is a very important and can be complex area so let us discuss how we can assist/support you to implement simple and effective processes into your organisation.

Corporates and large enterprises have such detailed structures in place and have developed/refined them over the past 10-15 years. Richard has worked with some of these large corporates to support them so can help SME’s to put in place the relevant processes you need to be ready for departures, replacements, growth and restructuring (vertically and laterally).

Most importantly, Richard will work with you to ease your burdens and help your company prosper.

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